About Us

About Evolve X

Evolve X Organization connects interns from all over the world with small businesses and philanthropic causes. It bridges the gap for students seeking experience for employment, and for businesses, foundations and organizations who seek the labor but lack the start up funds.

Evolve X also serves as an educational center, giving interns access to all necessary resources to fulfill their tasks. Interns are also able to gain credits to graduate from their studies, and points on the program to graduate to paid internship opportunities with businesses seeking their experience. This is a lucrative opportunity for students to determine their career paths and build experience, while helping small businesses and philanthropies get a head start in their venture.

The Evolve X is developed to serve entrepreneurs, designers, developers and media professionals globally. We develop key market awareness for young and seasoned professionals across a wide spectrum of industries.

Meet The Team

J.R. Lopez

Founder, CEO

Iulia Tudor

Founder, CEO

Edgar Morales

Technical Director

Yumeno Moriguchi

Lead UIUX Designer

Victoria Johnson

Community Engagement & Partnerships

Ton Pham

Jr. Creative Director

Ivano Idrantino

Jr. Creative Director

Our Program

Career Building

Paid Opportunities



Success Stories

Yumeno Moriguchi LEAD UIUX Designer

Evolve X helped advance my career. At every level, it was helpful to my experience. I learned better english, worked with senior developers and designers, and got a hollistic idea of the advertising industry.

Calvin Deng Technology Lead

I started learning Google Flutter for the Evolve X app. It quickly advanced my knowledge of the app development world.

Victoria Johnson Graphic Designer

For my COOP / Practicum I chose evolve x. It gave me the experience I wanted to gain, and put me far ahead my classmates when it came to agency experience.

Towa Quimbayo Software Engineer

I wanted to learn from a good agency, and when I started with Evolve I was surprised with how chill the team was. We handled many projects, including DOWCO, PONTUS, TASTY INDIAN BISTRO and many others. It was great experience for my career.

Josiah Savard Business Development

I wanted to learn about sales, and got experience working with J. R. He's fast paced, and dynamic when it comes to sales. It was essential for my career to learn how agencies craft big deals.